Dental Checkups and Cleanings

All too often, patients believe their toothbrush and floss are enough to keep their smiles healthy. Although your home oral hygiene habits are your first line of defense, they are not enough. As a result, harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria accumulate, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Both conditions are preventable but at least 92% of adults have had a cavity in a permanent tooth and 50% of adults have a form of gum disease. Routine dental care allows us to protect your smile from preventable issues to help ensure it serves you for a lifetime.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer claims thousands of lives each year, and this is largely because the disease is very difficult to detect early on. To ensure that this disease doesn’t have a chance to sneak up on you, we perform a thorough oral cancer screening during every standard checkup, every six months. If you notice any persistent sore, new growths or color changes to the tissue in your mouth, be sure to give us a call to schedule a screening right away.

Digital X-rays and Intraoral Camera

Although there is no perfect diagnostic tool, digital x-rays are an integral part of locating decay and other problems in your mouth. A computer screen right by your dental chair allows the dentist to show you your x-ray pictures, and any areas of concern. This newer technology x-ray uses a fraction of the radiation used years ago with film radiographs.
We also have intraoral cameras that are useful in showing you any cracks or fractures in your teeth, color changes, and areas where prior fillings may be failing.


Flouride is a mineral that provides an effective and natural way to lower your risk for cavities. It’s especially helpful for children while their adult teeth are developing, but can also be helpful in adulthood. During regular checkups, we can coat your teeth with a fluoride varnish that will quickly repair any minor damage that could turn into a cavity later, ensuring your smile stays healthy between appointments.

Gum Disease and Periodontal Treatment

Maintaining healthy gums is extremely important since periodontal disease can lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss, and is linked with systemic health problems like heart disease and diabetes. For patients that have excessive plaque or tarter build up (which is the cause of periodontal disease), a deep cleaning is needed. These more involved cleanings can clean the mouth both above and below the gum line to keep teeth clean and healthy, and stabilize periodontal disease.


A nightguard is an appliance that is worn at night to prevent grinding tooth to tooth. Grinding can cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint or jaw joint) pain and/or muscle pain. Grinding also wears teeth over time. A nightguard does not stop grinding from happening, but does prevent grinding tooth to tooth and alleviates pain. We can make a customized nightguard that fits your mouth.

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